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Two oil portraits by an anonymous European artist, Blumle & Zadock Doerzbacher-Koch (Albert Einstein's maternal great-grandparents)

Monroe County Agricultural Society Exhibition Poster

Five Native American textile artifacts, including a velvet purse with moose hair, two glass-beaded mats and two beaded, feathered Iroquois headdresses

Leather & Wood Civil War saddle with blanket, bags, Stirrups and holsters, and case

Engraved, Watercolored Map of Westchester County

Landscape oil painting, River People, Man with Pushcart, Castle at Sunset

Oil portrait of Elizabeth Stryker Ricord (founder of the Geneva Female Seminary), and its frame

c. 1200-1500 CE Peruvian Feather Worker's Basket

Portrait of John Alsop King, and original gilded frame

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