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AT.Albany_fan.recto (1).jpg
18th century folding fan owned by Margarita Cuyler Ten Broeck

cayuga (1).png
Graphite and paint image of a military parade on Genesee Street in Auburn, NY

Before_DJM1855.0.0Overall (1).jpg
Sunny Morning, oil on canvas

Number 7, 1968, acrylic on canvas

historic hv .png
Portrait of Thomas Wentworth Storrow, (1779-1862)

historic red hook.png
Oil portrait of Benjamin Pier

livingston county.png
Steamers McPherson and Musette, At the Landing, Lakeville, 1883 photograph

memorial art gallery.png
The Old Mill work on paper

merchants house.png
A Tantalus Liquor Chest - a liquor chest in the form of a stack of four leather-bound books having gold embossed French language titles and trim, and two fabric hinges securing a cover. The chest holds a small glass decanter of square shape with…
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