2017 Awardees


2017 Awardees

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Harry Howard's helmet
fire helmet of Harry Howard, the most famous firefighter of his era (1840-1865), both in New York state and across the country.

A circular bas relief plaster roundel. The roundel depicts a woman's head in profile with a flower in her hair set atop cherub wings. A rising sun appears in the background. The plaster is enclosed in a glazed, gilt shadow box frame.

Decorative plaster pedestal of ​The Brook​ (1901)
A decorative plaster pedestal of ​The Brook​ (1901), a sculpture by Isidore Konti. This sculpture was Konti’s initial conception for a lost marble fountain at Samuel Untermyer’s estate in Yonkers. The pedestal is a cast plaster bell-shaped, hollow…

“Miss Lena Horne, Opening no., Lou Leslie’s Blackbirds of 1938”,  “The Reverse, Cotton Club.” , “Minnie the Moucher, Cotton Club.” and “Calypso, Cotton Club.”
four costume design renderings created by Frances Feist for musical revues performed at the Cotton Club between 1937 and 1939
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